Symphony of Death Quest Walkthrough

Symphony of Death Quest

In this Symphony of Death Questline guide, you will discover comprehensive information on how to claim the exclusive Deathbringer Exotic rocket launcher in Destiny 2! Navigate through this quest, delve into the mysteries of the Moon, and overcome the complex challenges of the Shadowkeep expansion. Below, explore the strategic walkthrough and learn the ins and outs of this elusive quest.

Symphony of Death Reward

First, let’s understand why this questline is worth farming and what reward you will get once it’s completed. You will get the Deathbringer, an exotic rocket launcher.

  • Is Deathbringer still good in 2023-2024 D2 content?

Yes, it stands out as one of the most intriguing Exotic rocket launchers obtainable, second perhaps only to the Gjallarhorn.

This exceptional Void rocket launcher dispenses several shots, functioning somewhat like a grenade launcher, where shots can be fired and then released. This feature allows players to time the detonation of these Void orbs on adversaries meticulously.

The intrinsic feature of Deathbringer is known as Dark Deliverance, allowing for the firing of missiles with the capability of remote detonation. Additionally, this weapon has several other perks like Volatile Launch, Alloy Casing, Dark Descent, and Composite Stock.

Although there’s a compromise in the handling speed to accommodate a more extensive blast range, Deathbringer boasts a rapid reload speed compared to most rocket launchers available. This characteristic elevates it to being a valuable addition to your collection of weaponry.
These stats render it exceptionally potent for shrewd PVP players who can leverage the launcher’s unique mechanics for maximum impact on the battlefield.
It is a remarkable and powerful Exotic that is a must-have for every player, blending excellent aesthetics and substantial firepower.


Symphony of Death Destiny 2 Quest:
All Steps Explained

Step 1: Complete the Shadowkeep Campaign

Symphony of Death Step 1

  • What to do: Complete the main storyline missions of the Shadowkeep expansion. The last quest is titled “Beyond.”
  • Details: By completing this mission, you’re unlocking the subsequent quest steps needed to attain the Deathbringer Rocket Launcher.
  • Tips: Equip your most powerful gear and weapons to navigate through the campaign’s challenges effectively.

Step 2: Lunar Spelunker Bounty

Symphony of Death Step 2

  • What to do: Visit Eris Morn on the Moon and pick up the Lunar Spelunker weekly bounty.
  • Details: This bounty requires you to complete three specific Lost Sectors: K1 Communion, K1 Logistics, and K1 Crew Quarters.
  • Tips: Navigate cautiously, and clear all enemies in each Lost Sector before turning in the bounty to Eris Morn, which opens up the next quest step.

Step 3: Firewall Data Fragment

Symphony of Death Step 3

  • What to do: Take the Firewall Data Fragment to the system core vault located within the K1 Revelation Lost Sector.
  • Details: Using the Firewall Data Fragment here will progress your quest and provide you with Sai Mota’s Broken Necklace.
  • Tips: Be vigilant about enemy encounters in this sector; traversing with caution will ensure your progression is smooth.

Step 4: Necklace Scraps

Symphony of Death Step 4

  • What to do: Engage and defeat Nightmare enemies on the Moon using Arc abilities to acquire Necklace Scraps.
  • Details: Once you’ve collected enough scraps and the necklace is reassembled, return to Eris.
  • Tips: Sorrow’s Harbour is abundant with Nightmare enemies; consider focusing your efforts there. Also, keep a lookout for Nightmare Ogres; they yield more scraps.

Step 5: Faculties of the Skull Mission

Symphony of Death Step 5

  • What to do: Embark on the mission titled “Faculties of the Skull,” situated in the Circle of Bones area deep within the Moon.
  • Details: This is where the Symphony of Death exotic quest line really kicks off. After concluding the mission, revisit Eris to unlock the next segment.
  • Tips: Go equipped with your highest Power level gear and a well-rounded arsenal to confront diverse enemy types efficiently.

Step 6: Marrow’s Elegy

Symphony of Death Step 6

  • What to do: Complete various activities and encounters to gather different types of bones.
  • Details:
    • Participate in public events near Hellmouth for Festering Bones.
    • Complete the K1 Revelation Lost Sector for Ritualistic Bones.
    • Find and defeat the Bone Collector in Anchor of Light to get the Bone Collector’s Marrow.
  • Tips: Keep your eyes peeled for the Bone Collector; it has a somewhat random spawn pattern in Anchor of Light. Patience and vigilance are crucial here.

Step 7: High Conductor Sulmakta

  • What to do: In the Scarlett Keep strike, target and defeat High Conductor Sulmakta.
  • Details: Sulmakta appears in the penultimate section of the strike, on the second stop of the elevator sequence.
  • Tips: Familiarize yourself with the strike’s layout to locate Sulmakta swiftly. Move carefully and engage strategically to emerge victorious in this encounter.

Step 8: Of Darkest Harmony

Symphony of Death Step 8

  • What to do: Proceed with tasks involving defeating a variety of enemies.
  • Details: Engage with regular, elite/mini-bosses and other Guardians or bosses. Focus on activities located on the Moon to expedite this process.
  • Tips: A diverse weapon loadout will help manage the various enemy types and contribute to efficient progress through this step.

Step 9: Choir of the Damned Mission

  • What to do: Revisit the Circle of Bones to undertake the “Choir of the Damned” mission.
  • Details: This mission has a 920 Power requirement and concludes with the hunt for Ir Airam, Deathsinger.
  • Tips: Given the high Power requirement, ensure you’re optimally equipped. Strategy and efficient weapon use are pivotal in overcoming this demanding mission.

Step 10: Claim Your Reward

Symphony of Death Step 10

  • What to do: After triumphing over the “Choir of the Damned” mission, Deathbringer Rocket Launcher is awarded to you.
  • Details: Enjoy your newly acquired exotic weapon’s unique attributes and devastating power.

Check this detailed video guide if you still have any questions:

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