Best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2

Best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2

Auto Rifles in Destiny 2 are by far some of the most widely used weapons in the arsenal of any Guardian. They suit different playstyles, helping you balance between aggressive and defensive tactics. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2 (legendary and exotic), highlighting their unique perks, best uses, and how to get them.

Within the expansive arsenal of Destiny 2, auto rifles are classified into four distinct subcategories, each boasting unique characteristics and functionalities:

  • Rapid-Fire Frame (720 RPM): This category is notable for its unrivaled fire rate, albeit with a somewhat diminished optimal range and a lower damage output per shot. Numerous renowned auto rifles in Destiny 2, acclaimed for their substantial DPS, fall under this classification, making them fan favorites.
  • Adaptive Frame (600 RPM): This versatile subcategory offers enhanced Range and negligible recoil disparities compared to its 720 RPM counterparts. Many fans of the game regard ARs like the Gnawing Hunger, nestled within this subcategory, as prime selections due to their balanced attributes, epitomizing the equilibrium between Rapid Fire and Precision Frame auto rifles. It has rendered the Adaptive Frame a harmonious and powerful category in the realm of Destiny 2.
  • Precision Frame (450 RPM): Auto rifles within this subtype are distinguished by their superior recoil control and formidable Range, offering precision and stability. However, options in this class that can effectively rival Adaptive and Rapid Fire Frame auto rifles are limited, primarily due to their comparative reduction in DPS.
  • High-Impact Frame (360 RPM): Characterized by substantial per-shot damage, heightened recoil, and lessened DPS, this is the final subcategory of auto rifles. Even though most high-impact AR in Destiny 2 demonstrate extensive Range, exceptions like the Cerberus+1 exotic AR exist, behaving more akin to a semi-shotgun than a conventional rifle.

It’s crucial to highlight that exotic auto rifles exhibit a 40% enhanced damage output against red bar enemies when contrasted with their legendary counterparts. Given this advantage, specific exotics may be more suitable for challenging content such as Master Raids or Dungeons.

This breakdown of Auto Rifle subtypes shows the different strengths and special features of each category. Hopefully, it will help you choose the best weapon for your playstyle, and help you become more effective in Destiny 2’s battles.

Centrifuse: Top-10


Centrifuse, an Arc Exotic Auto Rifle distinctive for fostering an aggressive playstyle, is attainable for free through the Season Pass. With mixed reviews about Season Pass exotics, this guide explores the potential and acquisition process of Centrifuse. Available to all, including free-to-play users at Level 35, and almost immediately for Season Pass holders, it’s effortlessly unlocked through regular gameplay levels. However, it becomes Paid-only post-season, so timely unlocking is advised.

Being a Season Pass weapon, Centrifuse is not subjected to drop rates and doesn’t necessitate farming; it’s directly claimable with one fixed Exotic roll. The unique perks of Centrifuse, Overcharge Capacitor, and Regenerative Motion offer increased Range, reload speed, and explosive final blows, making it a favorable option for aggressive, casual PvE players despite the current underperformance of Precision Auto Rifles in the meta.

To enhance Centrifuse, secure its Catalyst by undertaking the “Higher Voltage” quest from Banshee-44, involving rapid target defeats, multiple activities completions, and a return to Banshee-44 for the final acquisition.

In summary, Centrifuse is a viable choice for those preferring a dynamic playstyle, easily obtainable through regular gameplay.

Seventh Seraph Carbine: Top-9

Seventh Seraph Carbine

The Seventh Seraph Carbine, a precision kinetic auto rifle from Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph, can be acquired from the Spire of the Watcher dungeon. It has a specific drop point in the first encounter involving circuit connections.

For PVE, recommended rolls are Arrowhead Brake, Seraph Rounds, and either Reconstruction or Fourth Time’s the Charm, with Target Lock or Frenzy being optimal for the last perk slot, focusing on Range as the Masterwork. Despite its updates and new perks like Seraph Rounds and Rasputin’s Arsenal, the Carbine has had limited utility since its peak during the Warmind Cell power era, mainly being beneficial for dealing with powerful enemies and Champions.

In PVP, it still struggles, even with the slight buff to precision auto rifles. The optimal rolls are similar, with an emphasis on Dynamic Sway Reduction and either Target Lock or Rangefinder as the last perk.
In essence, the Seventh Seraph Carbine, although replete with new perks, tends to be a less favorable drop for many players due to its limited applicability and impact in both PVE and PVP scenarios.

Vex Mythoclast: Top-8

Vex Mythoclast

The Vex Mythoclast, a renowned exotic fusion rifle from Destiny, has re-emerged in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer. Acquirable through the Vault of Glass raid, this weapon was once the pinnacle of power in both PVE and PVP in the original game. To obtain it in Destiny 2, players must complete the raid and hope for a Mythoclast drop from Atheon, though the difficulty level does not affect the drop chances.
Upon acquisition, players can delve back into the raid to unlock the Vex Mythoclast Catalyst by triggering hidden plates accessible only with the Mythoclast, and following the Oracle sequences to finally secure the Catalyst, enhancing the weapon’s stability and keeping a kill count.

The weapon’s rarity remains with an estimated 1% drop rate according to community analysis. While unconfirmed by Bungie, there’s speculation about a “bad luck” mitigation system to increase drop chances for those repeatedly unlucky.

The reimagined Vex Mythoclast retains its distinctive fast-firing feature, and its base stats can be buffed through various perks. A new perk, Temporal Unlimiter, enables mode swapping after killing enemies, allowing charged, powerful linear fusion shots, transforming it into a versatile auto-fusion rifle hybrid. Players eager to witness the revamped Mythoclast in action must persistently challenge Atheon for a chance to wield this formidable and unique weapon.

Gnawing Hunger: Top-7

Gnawing Hunger

This Legendary Auto Rifle is renowned for its high damage output and stability. It can roll with various perks, allowing customization for optimal performance in both PvP and PvE. The weapon’s consistency and reliability have cemented its place as one of the top choices for Guardians. It can be acquired through Umbral Engrams and focused engram farming.

Tommy’s Matchbook: Top-6

Tommy's Matchbook

Tommy’s Matchbook is a distinctive weapon in Destiny 2, characterized by its high-risk, high-reward nature, delivering increased damage output while simultaneously inflicting burn on the user. It can double its damage in PvE and enhance it by over one and a half in PvP, requiring 20 shots to activate this unique perk—meaning, effective utilization involves prefiring to reach the damage bonus before an encounter. For PvE, coupling it with healing abilities is advantageous to mitigate self-inflicted damage, and hip firing is recommended to reduce damage from self-burn. It excels in Solar builds, especially with Ember of Empyrean, to prolong the effect of Restoration, allowing sustained fire without compromising health due to the continuous presence of Restoration.

Monte Carlo: Top-5

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, a distinguished exotic auto rifle since its appearance in Destiny 1, remains a preference for players in Destiny 2, notably after its reappearance in Shadowkeep. It stands out in the game, particularly with Light 3.0 builds and its newly acquired Catalyst, enabling enhanced performance in diverse game areas.

Monte Carlo can be acquired from any random exotic engram or potentially sold by Xur for Legendary Shards during weekends. A more direct acquisition route is the “Timeline Reflection” quest, available in the Season of the Witch, which, upon completion, awards the Monte Carlo directly.

This weapon is not farmable due to the absence of random rolls, but it can be repurchased from the Collections screen if dismantled. The weapon exhibits enhanced efficacy with its new Catalyst obtained in the Season of the Witch, introducing the Stochastic Vengeance perk, allowing the use of the bayonet, providing substantial damage and extra melee energy. This Catalyst can be a random drop from any Vanguard Op, Crucible match, or Gambit match post-unlocking, and 700 kills are needed to upgrade it.

The Monte Carlo is particularly suitable for PvE scenarios, excelling in melee build environments due to its innate synergy with melee abilities, empowering various in-game builds, and its potency is retained even without extensive melee ability utilization. The constant and infinite melee charges are crucial, making it a valuable asset for players focusing on melee combat.

Rufu’s Fury: Top-4

Rufu's Fury

The Lightfall expansion in Destiny 2 has introduced tons of new content, including a new story, exotics, loot, endgame content, a build crafting system, and a new Darkness subclass called Strand. A significant highlight is the new raid, the Root of Nightmares, set on the Witness’ pyramid ship and features battles against the Cabal enemies and the formidable Nezarec.

One noteworthy weapon obtainable in this raid is Rufus’s Fury, a Strand auto rifle known for its impressive PVE perk pool. This rifle is specifically available in the Root of Nightmares raid and is dropped in the third encounter, Macrocosm. Additionally, it is accessible as a reward from secret chests and the Nezarec boss fight after being unlocked once on any character. Players can run the Root of Nightmares raid thrice a week, and crafting is an option upon granting five Deepsight variants.

  • For PVE, Rufus’s Fury offers several desirable perk combinations. Arrowhead Brake is recommended in the first slot, while High-Caliber Rounds are preferable in the second slot. Primary perks include Demolitionist or Reconstruction, which are beneficial for Strand builds relying on grenades and offer consistent reloads and overflowed magazines when stowed, respectively. Other available perks are Rewind Rounds, Pugilist, Hatchling, Target Lock, Paracausal Affinity, Frenzy, and Adrenaline Junkie, providing various benefits and alternatives depending on the player’s build and preferences.
  • For players aiming to optimize Rufus’s Fury for PVP, the focus shifts to stability and Range in the first two perks. Corkscrew Rifling and Ricochet Rounds are the recommended options for these slots. In the primary perks, Perpetual Motion is suggested for its contribution to stability, handling, and reload speed, while the final slot can accommodate either Tap the Trigger or Target Lock depending on the player’s ability to control recoil and their desire to enhance damage output.

In conclusion, Rufus’s Fury emerges as a versatile and customizable auto rifle, adaptable to different playstyles and builds, offering a myriad of perk combinations for both PVE and PVP engagements in the expansive and richly detailed universe of Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion.

The Summoner: Top-3

The Summoner

The Summoner, an exclusive weapon in Destiny 2, is obtainable only through the competitive PVP mode, Trials of Osiris, which has a rotating loot pool changing weekly, meaning availability can vary. Follow reliable sources like Mr. Niris on Twitter to stay informed about the available gear each week in the Trials of Osiris. Players can earn gear at three, five, and seven victories on one card. The rewards for each win are fixed, so achieving the set number of wins is essential. If The Summoner is available at three wins, players less proficient in PVP should seize the opportunity, as it ensures drop availability from tokens and engrams by Saint-14’s bounties. The Summoner cannot be earned in any other activity.

For PVE, The Summoner God Rolls focus on fast elimination of red bar and Major tier enemies, emphasizing control, flexibility, and refill efficiency, with preferences for Arrowhead Brake, High-Caliber Rounds, Overflow, and optionally, Rampage or Dragonfly. In PVP, the focus shifts to extending The Summoner’s Range, with ideal choices being Extended Barrel or Smallbore, Richochet Rounds, and core perks like Dynamic Sway Reduction and either Rangefinder or Elemental Capacitor, catering to engagement distance or additional bonuses based on sub-class. Prioritize obtaining these rolls for a competitive edge in gameplay.

Suros Regime: Top-2

Suros Regime

Suros Regime is a classic that has been a staple in the arsenals of many Guardians. Its Dual-Speed Receiver allows it to deal more damage in the bottom half of the magazine, making it a popular choice for both PvE and PvP scenarios. Switching between slower and faster firing rates provides versatility, enabling adaptability to various combat situations. This Exotic Auto Rifle can be acquired through Exotic Engrams, vendor sales, or as a random reward.

Quicksilver Storm: Top-1

Quicksilver Storm

The Quicksilver Storm, a notable Exotic auto rifle initially available as a Lightfall preorder bonus, can now be obtained from the Cryptarch at the Tower. Renowned as one of Destiny 2’s superior Primary weapons, this Kinetic auto rifle is distinct for its ability to deal Strand damage. It is a must-have due to its power and versatility.

Initially exclusive to those who pre-ordered the Lightfall DLC, it’s now accessible to all players purchasing Lightfall, available for free from the Cryptarch. Additionally, it can be procured from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk for those owning Lightfall, priced at 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, and 1 Ascendant Shard.
Quicksilver Storm stands out with its unique Exotic perks, Rocket Tracers and Grenade Chaser, enabling users to launch homing micro-rockets and grenades. With a notable +25% damage buff in PvE and an additional 40% damage to red bar enemies, it reigns supreme in DPS and ad clear, positioning it as an S Tier Exotic for PvE.

Remember, Quicksilver Storm isn’t subject to drop rates or farming; it’s a straightforward acquisition at the Tower, provided you meet the ownership and resource requirements.

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