WoW 10.2.5 Patch Overview: What’s New in Seeds of Renewal

Seeds of Renewal

Welcome to the latest update in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5, titled “Seeds of Renewal.” This update, scheduled to begin in the week of January 16th, 2024, may not introduce a new raid or season, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on enriching the game’s content.

This patch brings the thrill of Dragonriding to familiar territories, unveils a new event centered around historical exploration, and introduces an innovative mode for dungeon enthusiasts with Follower Dungeons. Additionally, it delves into the unfolding narrative of Gilneas, adding another layer to the game’s expansive storytelling.

In this brief overview, we’ll navigate through all the essential details of Patch 10.2.5 Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting, this update promises to enhance your experience with fresh adventures and discoveries.

Dragonflight 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal: Quick Summary

We aimed to keep our coverage of the Seeds of Renewal patch in WoW Dragonflight concise and informative, avoiding an overwhelming ‘wall of text’ as it’s a minor update.

Here’s everything you need to know about this World of Warcraft update.

Worldwide Dragonriding

Dragonriding, previously exclusive to the Dragon Isles, has been expanded to all old-world continents where flying is allowed. The speed is set at 85% of the Dragon Isles speed to maintain a sense of realism and immersion. This update brings a faster and more engaging way to traverse familiar territories.

Azerothian Archives Event

This new weekly event involves both solo and group activities, focusing on uncovering the history of the Dragon Isles. Players can interact with a new faction of NPC characters and partake in exploration and storytelling. Rewards include Achievements, Battle Pets, Mounts, and Transmog items.


The Night Elves are constructing Bel’ameth, their new settlement, featuring locations like Belanaar harbor and Arlithrien Lodge. This area will serve as a central hub for the Night Elves, complete with portals to other Night Elf areas across Azeroth.

Gilneas Reclamation

This storyline explores the fate of Gilneas, the homeland of the Worgen. It will delve into King Greymane’s efforts to reclaim this land and what the Gilneans discover upon their return.

Follower Dungeons – Normal mode only

Follower Dungeons

A new dungeon mode where players can team up with NPCs to fill missing roles in their dungeon party. This mode allows for a more personalized and controlled dungeon experience, initially available in Dragonflight Dungeons on Normal mode. However, it’s a great way to explore new content without any LFG waiting.

Class Changes


The Soar ability of Dracthyr is now enhanced to a full-fledged Dragonriding skill through Empowered Soaring. Initially, Soar had a cooldown of five minutes, but this was significantly reduced to just 10 seconds with Expedited Takeoff.

Character Changes

  • Trolls receive five new hairstyles, offering more diversity in appearance.

Trolls Hairstyle

  • Draenei gets two new skin colors, expanding the range of their character customization.

Draenei Skin Colors

Dragon Isle Epilogues

Additional narrative content following the last raid of the expansion, Amirdrassil, provides closure and context to the ongoing story of the Dragon Isles and its inhabitants.

Cosmetic Updates and New Items

Cosmetic Updates

  • The update includes the Ensemble: Dark Ranger General’s Kit, allowing characters to don a transmog set reminiscent of Sylvanas Windrunner.
  • Additional Night Elf cosmetic items include themed weapons, tabards, and cloaks. The update also features new transmog sets and items associated with various events, adding a range of visual options for players.

Holiday Updates

Holiday Updates

  • The “Love is in the Air” event is overhauled with new quests and rewards featuring themed items and activities. One of them is the Renewed Proto-Drake: Love Armor, a special holiday armor set for the Renewed Proto-Drake.
  • Noblegarden also receive updates, including new mounts, pets, and toys.
  • Lunar Festival: in celebration of the Year of the Dragon, the Winding Slitherdrake receives an exciting new armor upgrade. Winding Slitherdrake: Lunar Festival Armor set enhances your mount with an imposing helm and sharper claws, embodying the true essence of a dragon. Don’t miss the addition of an impressive beard to complete the look!

Dragonriding Cup Events

These events are racing competitions across various continents, including Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, and the Broken Isles. Completing these races, like the Outland Cup, offers rewards such as achievements, titles, and unique tabards.

Various Quick Updates

Revival Catalyst Charges will now be awarded weekly, enhancing gameplay. Old world transport ships receive HD updates for a visual improvement. New Raid Buff Items are introduced, possibly to support the Follower dungeons. Special promotions for Hearthstone’s Anniversary include pets, mounts, and cosmetic items. New transmog options are added, like static versions of the Burden of Unrelenting Justice Transmog.

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