Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2

Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 presents a wide array of diverse weapons, and selecting the appropriate one can significantly boost the efficiency and enjoyment of your gameplay. Deciding on the right gear involves several considerations, with the elemental type topping the list. Even having the best weapon equipped, the wrong elemental choice can hinder you from overcoming specific in-game challenges.

  • What are Void Weapons in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, Void weapons are a type of armament that harnesses the power of Void elemental damage. They can be equipped in either the Energy or Heavy slot of a player’s character. These guns are particularly effective against enemies with Void shields.

  • What to expect from this article?

This article highlights the best Void-type weapons, shedding light on their strengths, possible drawbacks, perks, and how one might acquire them.
Notably, the choices among Void weapons in Destiny 2 are diverse. Players can opt for Primary, Special, or the more impactful Heavy ammo categories.

Funnelweb: Top-10


Funnelweb in Destiny 2 is a renowned Legendary Void Submachine Gun, often compared to the iconic Recluse S.M.G. from the game’s earlier stages. It boasts a fire rate of 900 RPM, marking it as a top-tier choice among its class. This weapon excels both in PvE and PvP content. This guide covers how to obtain Funnelweb, and the most sought-after “god roll” for it.

  • How to get Funnelweb in Destiny 2?
    1. Funnelweb is manufactured in Veist, an in-game Destiny 2 foundry, making it available in the general world loot pool.
    2. Engage in Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit for potential drops. However, specific drops remain RNG-based.
    3. Umbral Engrams offer another channel to unlock Funnelweb. Collect these engrams during various activities or from defeated adversaries. When taken to H.E.L.M., you can focus them on a particular Foundry. For a fee, you can increase the chance of obtaining a Funnelweb.

It’s essential to note that Funnelweb isn’t craftable; players must seek out ideal drop rolls.

  • The God Roll is:
    • Corkscrew Rifling: Boosts range, Stability, and handling.
    • Tactical Mag: Grants bonus ammo and faster reload, and synergizes with Corkscrew Rifling for precise shots.
    • Subsistence: Kills partially reload the magazine, enabling continuous firing, especially with Veist Stinger activation.
    • Frenzy: Increases damage, handling, and reload speed during prolonged combat.

For maximum performance, opt for Range as the Masterwork for Funnelweb. If unavailable, Stability is a commendable alternative. All these make Funnelweb one of the best Void weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Retold Tale: Top-9

Retold Tale

The Retold Tale Legendary Shotgun in Destiny 2 is an amazing Void weapon, especially with the right perk roll. This gun has a rich history with Guardians, and its resurgence in the Season of the Chosen has been well-received. While Felwinter’s Lie is prevalent in The Crucible, the properly perked Retold Tale is competitive.

  • How to get Retold Tale in D2?

To acquire the Retold Tale, Guardians must engage in activities within the Dreaming City, such as the Blind Well, public events, and Bounties. The Shattered Throne dungeon is another way to obtain this weapon.
The Retold Tale has an array of possible perks, including newer ones like Dual Loader and Surplus.

  • The God Roll depends on your gameplay preferences:
    • For those focused on PvP, ideal perks include “Full Choke” or “Rifled Barrel” for enhanced one-shot Range and “Accurized Rounds” for better overall Range. “Quickdraw” facilitates faster weapon switching, and “Slideways” complements in-game sliding with a reload function. “Snapshot Sights” and “Killing Wind” are additional perk options, optimizing aiming and buffing attributes post-kill.
    • On the PvE side, “Full Choke” is essential, pairing with “Accurized Rounds” or “Assault Mag.” Magazine perks like “Appended Mag” or “Tactical Mag” are also choices, with “Demolitionist” being an advantageous final perk. “One-Two Punch” and “Full Choke” boosts melee damage upon hitting a target with all shotgun pellets.

For Guardians aiming to triumph in the Iron Banner quest, the Dreaming City offers the opportunity to farm a Retold Tale, potentially turning the tide in close-range battles with the right roll of this meta void weapon.

Harsh Language: Top-8

Harsh Language

The Harsh Language is a Wave Frame Grenade Launcher introduced in the Lightfall expansion. This weapon is known for its exceptional splash damage, able to tackle multiple enemies in a single shot.

  • Reasons to Equip Harsh Language:
    • Easy Acquisition: Available as a random drop or can be bought from Banshee.
    • Efficient Performance: Features high-velocity rounds and swift handling.
    • Special Features: Destabilizing Rounds make enemies volatile, ensuring they take extra damage.
    • Utility: Acts as a non-exotic weapon for clearing adversaries.
    • Remarkable AoE Damage: Thanks to its wave frame, it offers massive area damage.
  • How to Get D2 Harsh Language

Secure the Harsh Language either by direct purchase from Banshee in the Tower, through Legendary engrams, or by obtaining faction rank-up packages. Regularly check with Banshee for new weapon offerings.

The God Roll depends on your gameplay preferences:

  • PvE God Roll:
    • Barrel: Quick Launch – facilitates a speedy projectile landing and weapon transition.
    • Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds – augments reload and velocity.
    • Perk 1: Envious Assassin – encourages weapon swapping after kills with other weapons for a bonus overflow.
    • Perk 2: Destabilizing Rounds – makes enemies volatile, causing them to take extra damage.
    • Masterwork: Handling – faster weapon switching essentially boosts DPS.
    • Mod: Minor Spec – increases damage to lesser foes.
  • PvP God Roll:
    • Barrel: Quick Launch – ensures quick projectile landing and weapon swapping.
    • Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds – boosts velocity and reload speed.
    • Perk 1: Envious Assassin – allows for auto-reload upon kills with other weapons.
    • Perk 2: Disruption Break – enhances damage from all kinetic weapons upon shield break.
    • Masterwork: Handling – promotes swift weapon switching.
    • Mod: Quick Access Sling – expedites weapon readiness and switching.

Conclusion: While Harsh Language might not dominate the current Destiny 2 PvP scene, its unique rolls can intrigue those fond of quick weapon swaps. However, it’s excellent in PvE, that’s why considering this powerful void weapon will bring a lot of fun and victories to your D2 gameplay.

Commemoration: Top-7


Commemoration is a Legendary Machine Gun that has gained prominence in the Season of Defiance. Touted as the third most popular Machine Gun this season, it’s a D2 void weapon that every guardian wants.

  • How to Get Commemoration?
    1. The primary method: Complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid and defeat Taniks The Abomination in the raid’s final encounter.
    2. If luck isn’t on your side with Taniks, spend 60 Spoils of Conquest at the raid’s conclusion for another shot at the weapon.
    3. It’s craftable! However, you’ll need 5 Deepsight (red border) versions first.
  • Weapon’s Current Standing

Season 20 buffed Machine Guns with a 10% damage boost and a surge in reserve ammo. Commemoration shines with perks like Reconstruction, Killing Tally, Rampage, and Dragonfly. Its popularity isn’t just hype; its perk combinations, especially around Reconstruction, make it a top choice for PvE, perfect for both boss damage and mob clearing.

Commemoration God Roll

  • PvE God Roll:
    • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
    • Magazine: Tactical Mag or Extended Mag
    • Perk 1: Reconstruction
    • Perk 2: Killing Tally (Rampage is also a solid choice)
    • Masterwork: Reload
    • For PvE, the focus is on DPS and mob clearing. Given Machine Guns’ innate high recoil, Arrowhead Brake is optimal. Pairing Reconstruction with Killing Tally lets you unleash continuous damage without frequent reload interruptions.
  • PvP God Roll:
    • Barrel: Smallbore
    • Magazine: Projection Fuse or Particle Repeater
    • Perk 1: Surplus or Dynamic Sway Reduction
    • Perk 2: Under Pressure or Eye of the Storm
    • Masterwork: Range or Handling
    • In the PvP content, range is pivotal due to the rarity of heavy ammo. Perks like Surplus and Dynamic Sway Reduction offer a comprehensive stats boost, while Under Pressure provides consistent accuracy advantages.

Exalted Truth: Top-6

Exalted Truth

The Exalted Truth is a standout Adaptive Frame Void Hand Cannon released in the Season of the Seraph. Guardians can earn this potent hand cannon through the Trials of Osiris. While the regular version requires dedication, there’s also an adept version for those who can achieve a Flawless Passage and journey to the Lighthouse.

  • Why Consider the Exalted Truth?
    • A dominant Void Hand Cannon.
    • Performs exceptionally in PvP.
    • Wide array of perk choices.
    • The adept version is compatible with Adept mods.
  • How to get the Exalted Truth?

Guardians can win the Exalted Truth from any Trials of Osiris Reward source, encompassing weekly challenges and engrams from Trials. The more elusive Exalted Truth (Adept) is reserved for those who ace a flawless Trials of Osiris Passage. After obtaining, guardians can refine it with Saint-14 using Trials Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. But note: post August 4, 2023, the Adept version exits the weekly rotation, leaving only its standard variant up for grabs until the Season of the Deep concludes. Past that point, your chance lies in the Legacy Focusing tab at Saint-14.

The Exalted Truth God Roll:

  • PvE God Roll
    • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling
    • Magazine: Alloy Magazine
    • Perk 1: Outlaw
    • Perk 2: Rampage / Repulsor Brace
    • Masterwork: Range

Hand Cannons, in the current season, face competition from submachine guns and auto rifles due to their restricted magazine size. However, they remain a staple in many guardian arsenals, especially when Bungie tags them as Anti-Champion. Prioritize stability or range for the barrel. With inevitable reloads Alloy Magazine comes in handy for those rapid-fire situations. Outlaw pairs with damage boosters like Rampage, Multi-Kill Clip, and Frenzy for the main perks. If leaning towards a Void build, Repulsor Brace stands out.

  • The Exalted Truth PvP God Roll
    • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling
    • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
    • Perk 1: Killing Wind / Rangefinder
    • Perk 2: Eye of the Storm
    • Masterwork: Range

Hand Cannons remain PvP meta, delivering precise hits from decent distances. For maximum impact, it’s all about range. That’s why Killing Wind becomes a priority.
In a nutshell, the Exalted Truth is a Void-type Hand Cannon worth every guardian’s attention. Whether in PvE or PvP, its prowess and diverse perk options make it a coveted Destiny 2 weapon in any arsenal.

Corrective Measure: Top-5

Corrective Measure

Corrective Measure is a legendary Void machine gun coming back from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass. If you want to add this iconic weapon to your arsenal, we’ve detailed how to obtain it and its outstanding specifications, including the best PVE and PVP rolls.

  • How to get the Corrective Measure?

You’ll need to tackle the Vault of Glass raid to unlock the Corrective Measure Legendary machine gun. This raid holds three distinct opportunities for the weapon drop:

    • Templar’s first encounter
    • Conflux’s third encounter
    • Atheon’s fifth encounter

The Exalted Truth God Roll:

  • PVE God Roll
    • Barrel: Arrowhead Break (+30 recoil, 10+ handling)
    • Magazine: Tactical Mag (Stability +5, Reload Speed +10, Magazine +10)
    • Perk 1: Subsistence
    • Perk 2: Firefly
    • Alternative Barrel: Polygonal Rifling (Stability +10)

The PVE god roll accentuates magazine longevity and gun stability, facilitating more precise shots. The Firefly perk not only boosts reload speeds with precision kills but also instigates solar damage explosions.

  • PVP God Roll
    • Magazine: Extended Mag (Airborne effectiveness +10) or Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
    • Barrel: Steady Rounds (Range +5, Stability +15) or Cockscrew Rifling (Stability +5, Handling +5)

For PVP, the focus is on ammo longevity and an enhanced firing range. However, it’s worth noting that Extended Mag reduces the reload speed by 20%.

  • Additional Upgrades for Corrective Measure
    • Void damage: The weapon inflicts void damage.
    • Persistence: Enhanced accuracy with continued weapon usage.
    • Field Scout: Boosted ammo capacity.
    • Ascend: Maximized weapon attack value for a given year.

In summary, the Corrective Measure is a must-have for Guardians, promising unparalleled firepower and versatility in both PVE and PVP content.

Doom of Chelchis: Top-4

Doom of Chelchis

The Doom of Chelchis Void scout rifle, a legendary weapon once found in the original Destiny, has returned in Destiny 2 courtesy of King’s Fall. As a precision-frame scout rifle boasting a diverse range of perks, it’s set to shine both in clearing out foes and in Crucible’s long-range engagements.

  • How to get the Doom of Chelchis?
    • Exclusive to King’s Fall Raid: To add Doom of Chelchis to your collection, you need to conquer challenges in the King’s Fall raid.
    • Encounter Drop Points: The weapon can drop from the Entrance, Totems, Golgoroth, Deathsingers, and Oryx encounters.
    • Crafting Option: After snagging your first, crafting becomes available. Collect five Deepsight Resonance versions (red-bordered icon) for this.
    • Spoils of Conquest Chest: At King’s Fall’s conclusion, a special chest permits weapon exchanges using Spoils of Conquest. First weekly buy with each character guarantees a Deepsite Resonance drop. This feature is essential for those keen on perfecting their rolls.
    • Unlock Requirement: Only weapons previously unlocked can be repurchased from the end chest. Hence, frequent runs in King’s Fall is the key.
  • Doom of Chelchis God Roll

This scout rifle has the exclusive King’s Fall Origin Trait: Runneth Over. When you reload this weapon near allies, the magazine overflows, and with a full raid team, you can expand a 16-round magazine to over 30 rounds.
Though the optimal god roll varies based on individual preferences and content, here’s a potent combination for most:

    • Barrel: Arrowhead Break
    • Magazine: Steady Rounds
    • Primary Perk: Explosive Payload
    • Secondary Perk: Eye of the Storm

The intrinsic stability of this precision-frame scout rifle, paired with Arrowhead Break, offers predictable recoil and better handling. Given the Runneth Over perk, magazine options that boost ammo or reload speed might not be the best choice. Instead, Steady Rounds can ensure a consistent aim. The Explosive Payload perk provides about a 15% damage uptick and splash damage, while One for All can offer a 35% damage increment after damaging multiple targets.

Lastly, enhancing the Masterwork on your Doom of Chelchis can refine its stats further, and when fully upgraded, you’ll also gain a kill tracker and Orb of Power generation benefits.

In a nutshell, for those looking to maximize their in-game firepower, the Doom of Chelchis Void scout rifle is a prime candidate, providing both versatility and power.

Two-Tailed Fox: Top-3

Two-Tailed Fox

The Two-Tailed Fox, an Exotic Void rocket launcher from season 4, has undergone significant improvements. Bungie’s rework of older Exotic weapons has given this rocket launcher a resurgence in Destiny 2’s early Lightfall meta, despite competition from certain Legendary rocket launchers.

  • How To get the Two-Tailed Fox and its Catalyst?
    • Availability: This weapon can occasionally be procured from Xur on his weekly visits every Friday. Additionally, it may randomly appear as an Exotic engram in-game. However, it isn’t available at the Monument to Lost Lights.
    • Weapon Perks: The Two-Tailed Fox fires two rockets due to its Twintails perk. One Void rocket suppresses enemies, while the Solar rocket, via the Play With Your Prey perk, causes gradual burn damage.
    • Obtaining the Catalyst: The Catalyst is acquired randomly from playlist activities, including Crucible matches, Vanguard Strikes of all tiers, and Gambit matches. Acquiring it demands patience and persistence.
    • Upgrading the Catalyst: After earning the Catalyst, 350 kills are required to slot it into the weapon. Given the Two-Tailed Fox is a heavy weapon, the recommended approach to amass these kills is at the Shuro-Chi checkpoint in Last Wish, using rally banners to regain heavy ammo.
    • Catalyst Perk – Third Tail: Once equipped, this perk lets the weapon fire a third Arc energy rocket that jolts targets. These jolted adversaries then release chain lightning damage to nearby foes when further damaged. This perk’s integration brings exceptional utility, given the rising importance of subclass keywords like jolt and suppress in Lightfall for both crowd control and anti-champion duties.
  • How to use the Two-tailed Fox right?

When fully upgraded, the Two-Tailed Fox works optimally with a single member of the fireteam wielding it. Comparable to the role of a Gjallarhorn user, its main benefit lies in its capacity to debuff adversaries, especially during boss fights. The only rival Exotic weapon with more subclass keyword potential is the Conditional Finality from the Root of Nightmares raid.

In summary, with its range of perks and catalyst benefits, the Two-Tailed Fox makes it one of the best Void Heavy weapons for Destiny 2 players, serving as a damage dealer and a strategic tool when playing with a fireteam.

Leviathan’s Breath: Top-2

Leviathan's Breath

Leviathan’s Breath is a distinct Void bow in Destiny 2. Its Big-Game Hunter intrinsic perk launches a massive bolt that can stun enemies and take down Unstoppable Champions. While not the strongest bow, its entertainment value is undeniable.

Recent Developments

As of April 9, 2023, Leviathan’s Breath underwent significant updates since its debut in Destiny 2. In 2022, Bungie boosted its capabilities, granting it an intrinsic anti-champion trait, making it especially potent against Unstoppable Champions. Further, the Catalyst received a draw-time enhancement, boosting its allure. With the Lightfall expansion’s arrival in season 20, and the introduction of Surges and Overcharged weapons, the appeal of having a Void heavy weapon like Leviathan’s Breath has increased.

  • How to get the Leviathan’s Breath?

Players can secure Leviathan’s Breath from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic kiosk in the Tower, specifically under the Shadowkeep tab. The purchase requires:

    • 1 Exotic Cipher
    • 100,000 Glimmer
    • 150 Legendary Shards
    • 1 Ascendant Shard
  • How to get the Leviathan’s Breath Catalyst?

The Leviathan’s Breath Catalyst might drop upon eliminating a powerful enemy (those with an orange or yellow bar). A high-success strategy involves the Grasp of Avarice dungeon’s initial encounter; continuous enemy spawns, including two Hive witches, give multiple drop chances. For best results, use the Leviathan’s Breath for the final hit.

  • Upgrading Leviathan’s Breath Catalyst

After acquiring the Catalyst, the next step is upgrading. This involves vanquishing 1,500 adversaries using Leviathan’s Breath. The journey might be prolonged due to the bow’s limited ammo and slow kill rate. But kills made before the upgrade count, making PVE a recommended approach to farm kills rapidly.

In essence, with its revamped perks and strategies, the Leviathan’s Breath bow offers players an amazing Void exotic weapon that can improve their gameplay and arsenal for tackling Destiny 2 challenges.

Taipan-4FR: Top-1


Introduced in Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder, the Taipan 4FR has made waves as a formidable Linear Fusion Rifle, becoming a staple for dealing the highest Void DPS against bosses.

  • How to get the Taipan-4FR?
    1. Random Drops: Taipan 4FR can pop up in the loot pool from activities like Strikes, Lost Sectors, and Crucible matches. These drops come with an assortment of random perks.
    2. Quest Reward: By completing specific quests, you can craft Taipan 4FR with chosen perks. Crafting might require some extra effort, but the perk control could be worth it.
  • Taipan 4FR God Roll

Every Taipan 4FR comes with the Origin Trait Veist Stinger, allowing a chance to reload the magazine and enhancing movement speed while aiming. However, for the best performance, aim for these perks:

    • Arrowhead Break (Reduced recoil)
    • Enhanced Battery (Extra magazine shot)
    • Triple Tap (Replenishes ammo on precision hits)
    • Firing Line (20% damage boost near two or more allies)

Enhanced versions, like Enhanced Triple Tap and Enhanced Firing Line, further optimize the weapon’s capabilities.

Attention: For those looking to maximize the power of Taipan 4FR, crafting and optimizing perks is essential.

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