Dragonflight Patch 10.2 Tier Sets for All Classes

Tier Sets 10.2
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In World of Warcraft, the allure of tier sets has always been a cornerstone of excitement for players, and the new Dragonflight 10.2 patch and its Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid, is not an exception. Spanning various classes, each set boasts distinct aesthetics, intricately designed to reflect the essence of its respective class. In this article, we’ve gathered a full list of these sets (all armor types), explaining the must-have bonuses and sharing our thoughts about how this or another gear looks.

Amirdrassil Tier Sets:
Visual Aspect and Bonuses Explained

In Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, each class and specialization has access to its unique Class Tier Set. These sets have distinct bonuses that activate when you equip 2 or 4 pieces. Additionally, they feature class-specific appearances, enriching your character’s visual flair. This new Season 3 gear intuitively adjusts its bonuses when you switch between different specializations within the same class, providing a flexible and dynamic gearing experience.

Death Knight Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The new Death Knight Amirdrassil set appearance, Risen Nightmare’s Gravemantle truly embodies the menacing and foreboding aura that one would associate with this class. The enormous spikes adorning the shoulders, paired with the imposing skulls, not only establish a sense of dread but also scream power. These design elements, combined with the gloomy hood and a skull-like mask, make for a haunting visual. The mask’s dragon eyebrow reference adds a unique twist, instilling a sense of ancient power and mystique. Furthermore, the color variations for different ATDH raid difficulties, ranging from fiery red to regal purple, ensure that players can flaunt their achievements while maintaining the class’s dark essence. This Amirdrassil DK set is undeniably a remarkable blend of terror and majesty, fitting for the mighty Death Knight.

Death Knight Set Bonuses (Amirdrassil)

Blood DK

Frost DK

  • 2-Piece: Chill Streak‘s reach expands by 4 yards and it can rebound to you. Every rebound heightens your damage by 4% for 12 seconds, accumulating to 5 layers.
  • 4-Piece: Chill Streak has two more rebounds, and with every rebound, there’s a 30% likelihood of earning a Rune, trimming Chill Streak‘s wait by 5 seconds, or slashing Empower Rune Weapon‘s delay by 6 seconds.

Unholy DK

  • 2-Piece: Apocalypse calls an extra Magus of the Dead, enabling a multi-target Shadow Bolt attack.
  • 4-Piece: Spending a Rune lengthens your Magi’s activity by half a second. Furthermore, your Magi can cast Amplify Damage, heightening your damage output by 5% for a 10-second span.

Demon Hunter Set Apperances – Amirdrassil

The latest Demon Hunter set appearance, Screaming Torchfiend’s Brutality certainly demands attention with its audacious design elements. The helmet’s massive horns strike an imposing silhouette, making the wearer both intimidating and formidable. The gloomy skull mask, accentuated by the dynamic choice of flames in varying hues, adds a layer of mystique to the set. Each flame color—be it purple, green, blue, or red—invokes a distinct aura, allowing wearers to express themselves differently. The hefty boots lend the set a grounded and powerful base, while the shoulder adornments featuring large skulls echo the theme of intimidation. The gradation in colors from blue in LFR to the regal purple in Mythic offers DH players a visual progression, highlighting their achievements in the game.

Demon Hunter Tier Set Bonuses (ATDH Raid)

DH Havoc Set Bonuses

  • 2-piece: Upon executing Blade Dance, there’s an automatic 100% Throw Glaive damage inflicted on your primary target. Moreover, there’s a 50% probability for each slash to deal 35% Throw Glaive damage to an adversary.
  • 4-piece: The Hunt‘s cooldown dwindles by 2.0 sec whenever Throw Glaive is unleashed, also prolonging its damage over time effect by an additional 6 sec.

DH Vengeance Set Bonuses

  • 2-piece: Targeting a victim marked by Sigil of Flame elevates your damage and healing outputs by 2%. Simultaneously, your stamina receives a 2% boost, lasting 8 sec, with the capability to accumulate up to 5 stacks.
  • 4-piece: The periodic damage of Sigil of Flame might unpredictably surge, yielding another Soul Fragment from its target and inflicting (75.9% of Attack power) bonus damage. For every 40 Fury expended, its cooldown is curtailed by precisely 1.0 sec.

Druid Set Apperances – Amirdrassil

The new Druid set skin from the Amirdrassil raid, Benevolent Embersage’s Guidance strikingly captures the essence of nature and mysticism, which is emblematic of this class. The distinct emphasis on the helmet’s eyebrows and the massive shoulders that evoke the appearance of a mystic owl’s head showcase a design rooted in Azeroth’s ancient lore. The addition of the owl’s head on the belt reinforces this theme, acting as a focal point of the ensemble. The set’s vibrant feathers, available in varied colors like green, red, blue, and purple, add an ethereal touch, symbolizing the Druid’s deep connection with the skies and forests. Personally, the pale-blue appearance of the LFR set stands out, exuding a serene majesty that is both elegant and powerful.

Druid Set Bonuses (Amirdrassil)

Balance Druids:

  • 2-piece: After Eclipse ends or on combat initiation, Dreamstate kicks in, slashing the next 2 Starfires or Wraths’ cast time by 40% and doubling their damage (+100%).
  • 2-piece: Starsurge or Starfall boosts your current Eclipse’s Arcane or Nature damage bonus by 2%, capping at 10%.

Feral Druids:

  • 2-piece: Feral Frenzy ushers in Smoldering Frenzy, amplifying your damage output by a solid 20% for 8 seconds.
  • 2-piece: Feral Frenzy gets a cool-off cut by 15 sec. Plus, during Smoldering Frenzy, adversaries suffer a fiery torment, taking 10% of inflicted damage over a span of 10 seconds.

Guardian Druids:

  • 2-piece: Employing Rage during Rage of the Sleeper metamorphoses it into Dream Thorns. After Rage of the Sleeper ceases, these thorns cocoon you, mitigating 25% of the damage directed at you, contingent on the Rage expended and capping at (660 / 100 * Attack power) for every 20 Rage utilized.
  • 4-piece: Every 40 Rage dispatched while Rage of the Sleeper is operative prolongs its effect by 1.0 sec, maxing out at 5.0 seconds. These Dream Thorns transform into Blazing Thorns, directing 100% of the absorbed damage back at the assailant.

Restoration Druids:

  • 2-piece: Your and your Grove Guardians‘s Nourishes expand their therapeutic scope, restoring two additional comrades within a 40-yd radius at 40% efficiency.
  • 4-piece: Upon leveraging Clearcasting, your Regrowth concurrently bestows a Nourish on a neighboring injured ally, with a 200% healing efficacy, particularly favoring those marked by your heal-over-time effects.

Evoker Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The new Werynkeeper’s Timeless Vigil Evoker set from the Amirdrassil raid is nothing short of breathtaking. The attention to detail, from the menacing claws on the boots to the majestic dragons perched on the shoulders, makes it a true masterpiece. The crown-like helmet adds a regal touch, while the talons and wings on the gloves tie the whole ensemble together in a harmonious blend of fantasy and might. When it comes to color variations, each hue, from LFR’s icy blue to Mythic’s deep purple, brings a unique vibe, making it a feast for the eyes. In its dragon form, the shift in shoulder color paired with the elegant gemstone incrustations further amplifies its allure. Amongst all the variations, the gold-red appearance of the Normal set stands out, exuding opulence and grandeur.

Evoker Tier Set Bonuses for Amirdrassil




  • 2-piece: Casting Empower releases up to 5 Living Flames on targets, operating at 40% effectiveness.
  • 4-piece: Living Flame may add Echo on healed allies or another without Echo at 70% efficiency.

Hunter Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The new Blazing Dreamstalker’s Trophies Hunter set skin from the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid is a breathtaking meld of design and fantasy. The helmet, adorned with dragon horns, sets a fierce tone that’s beautifully complemented by the imposing dragon heads resting on the shoulders. The addition of gemstones embedded in the boots, gloves, and belt elevates the ensemble, giving it a regal touch. The palette choices for each difficulty level offer a diverse visual experience, with blue, red, golden, and purple variations. However, it’s the mythic set that truly stands out. The deep purple hue combined with the intricate design of the dragon head on the shoulders creates an awe-inspiring look that exudes power and majesty.

Hunter Tier Set Bonuses (ATDH Raid)

Beast Mastery:



  • 2-piece: Boosts both your and your pet’s crit chance and crit damage by 15% for 12 sec with Fury of the Eagle.
  • 4-piece: Enhances Wildfire Bomb‘s efficiency and damage with a free throw and a no-cooldown bonus after using Fury of the Eagle.

Mage Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The new Wayward Chronomancer’s Clockwork Mage set from the Amirdrassil raid showcases an exciting blend of elements, with its standout feature being the oversized wizard hat, reminiscent of the iconic sorting hat from the Harry Potter series. The hourglass motifs on the shoulders and belt interestingly allude to the timewalking narrative, adding a touch of lore to its design. However, despite these distinctive features, the overall appearance of the set seems rather ordinary. The range of skin colors available—blue for LFR, red for normal, pink for heroic, and violet for mythic—offers some customization, but it doesn’t compensate for the lackluster design. Personally, the helmet is the set’s saving grace, while the rest feels uninspired.

Amirdrassil Mage Tier Set Bonuses


  • (2) Bonus: Gain 2% spell damage boost for 20 sec when Clearcasting is consumed, max 10%.
  • (4) Bonus: Use Clearcasting 3x, and Arcane Missiles intensifies, affecting up to 4 foes with amplified damage.



  • (2) Bonus: Glacial Spike‘s power rises by 10%, and it bursts when shattering a frozen target, hitting nearby adversaries. Reduced effect past 8 targets.
  • (4) Bonus: 40% chance for Brain Freeze when casting Glacial Spike.

Monk Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The new Monk set Mystic Heron’s Discipline from the Amirdrassil raid stands out with its unique design elements, particularly the shoulders adorned with crane-like figures and complemented by delicate feathers. These crane motifs, which bear a slight resemblance to a Pterodactyl, echo the spiritual and agile nature of the Monk class. The addition of feathers on the gloves and a rope-inspired belt add a rustic touch, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The color palette offers a diverse range, with the green variant for the mythic difficulty being my personal favorite. This shade, combined with the intricate crane design on the shoulders, encapsulates the essence of the Monk class beautifully.

Monk Tier Set Bonuses (Amirdrassil)


  • (2) Bonus: Breath of Fire has 20% extra Shadowflame damage, healing you for 50% of Fire damage.
  • (4) Bonus: Hitting foes with Breath of Fire may give 10% added Shadowflame damage. Celestial Brew provides a Stagger absorb for Shadowflame damage, preventing Stagger-induced damage.



  • (2) Bonus: Gain Blackout Reinforcement from Spinning Crane Kicks, amplifying Blackout Kick by 150%. Melee moves may also offer this bonus.
  • (4) Bonus: Boosted Blackout Kicks decrease cooldowns of certain moves by 3.0 sec and increase their damage by 4%.

Paladin Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The new Paladin set from the Amirdrassil raid Zealous Pyreknight’s Ardor immediately draws attention with its prominent knife designs on the shoulders, reminiscent of the iconic Tier-2 skin. This nod to past designs shows a thoughtful merging of old and new aesthetics, which many long-time players will appreciate. Additionally, the crown-like helmet, evoking memories of the Tier-6 set, amplifies the regal and authoritative vibe characteristic of the Paladin class. While this set might not be hailed as an artistic masterpiece, it certainly embodies a well-crafted look that’s fitting for Paladins. I’m particularly fond of the Normal raid tier, as its color scheme aligns perfectly with the renowned Tier-2 Paladin set, making it both a nostalgic and fresh choice for enthusiasts of the class.

Amirdrassil Paladin Tier Set Bonuses




Priest Set Apperances – Amirdrassil

The Amirdrassil raid’s Priest set Blessings of Lunar Communion intricately marries the ethereal with the mysterious. The angel wings on the shoulders, combined with the mystical cloak, immediately elicit a sense of divine intervention, which is beautifully complemented by the twin gems adorning the shoulder’s front. This celestial ambiance is intriguingly contrasted by the helmet, whose design evokes memories of adversaries from the revered Scarlet Monastery. The Normal recolor’s nod to the Scarlet Monastery strikes a nostalgic chord in me, while the deep purple of the Mythic rendition adds layers of enigma to the ensemble. It’s hard to overlook the similarities with the tier-5 Priest set, a personal favorite of mine, reinforcing my admiration for this latest creation.

Priest Tier Set Bonuses (ATDH Raid)


  • (2) Bonus: Boost Smite and Penance damage by 20%. Smite also prolongs Atonement by 2.0 sec.
  • (4) Bonus: During Shadow Covenant, Smite will also cast once more, inflicting (80% of Spell power) Shadow damage.



Rogue Tier Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The Rogue set Lucid Shadewalker’s Silence from the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid is a masterclass in capturing the essence of the class. The gloomy mask on the helmet immediately sets a clandestine tone, perfect for this class’s stealthy nature. The pronounced spikes on the shoulders, helmet, and gloves emanate a sense of danger, emphasizing the lethal abilities. The poison bottles, subtly placed near the pockets, are a nod to the rogue’s infamous use of toxins, tying in with their treacherous reputation. The mighty boots suggest readiness and agility. With its toxic green shade, the Heroic recolor brilliantly highlights the class’s murky beginnings, making it a favorite for many who appreciate the rogue’s lore and history, including me.

Rogue Set Bonuses (Amirdrassil)


  • (2) Bonus: For every 10 energy used, get Natureblight, enhancing attack speed and Nature Damage by 1.0% for 6 sec. Can stack up to 15 times.
  • (4) Bonus: Envenom triggers an Envenomous Explosion, dealing Nature damage to nearby foes. Its potency drops after 5 targets but doubles if hitting just one.



  • (2) Bonus: Actions like Eviscerate may call a shadow clone, magnifying your finisher’s damage by 50%.
  • (4) Bonus: Clones boost their damage by 10% and provide you with 2 combo points each time they appear.

Shaman Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The Amirdrassil raid’s Shaman set Vision of the Greatwolf Outcast genuinely captures the elemental and primal essence intrinsic to the class. The giant wolf heads on the shoulders, hinting at the enhancement specialization, bring a fierce and raw energy to the outfit. Meanwhile, the strategic placement of spikes throughout the ensemble intensifies its wild aura, reminiscent of the unpredictable forces that Shamans command. The cloak adds a touch of elegance and fluidity, perhaps echoing the flowing waters of a river or the gusts of wind, central to Shamanistic lore. In my opinion, the Mythic red recolor is unmistakably evocative of the Horde’s fiery spirit and power, making it a perfect fit for its members. In contrast, the cool, Heroic blue hue resonates with the calm and unity of the Alliance, a fitting choice for those loyal to that faction.

Amirdrassil Shaman Tier Set Bonuses




  • (4) Bonus: Riptide‘s potency rises by 20%. If both Riptide and Tidal Reservoir are on one target, the ongoing effect might spawn a fresh Riptide on a nearby ally with a 5% chance.

Warlock Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The Warlock Devout Ashdevil’s Pactweave set from the Amirdrassil raid masterfully encapsulates the malevolent and arcane energy associated with the class. The helmet, adorned with demonic horns and a skull-like mask, provides an intimidating visage, hinting at the dark powers warlocks command. The massive blades on the shoulders, complemented by the demonic eyes, lend an air of menace and foreboding, while the blades on the gloves and the central skull on the belt further enhance this unsettling aura. Among the offered shades, the Heroic green recolor stands out distinctly. Its hue, reminiscent of the toxic and corruptive magic often wielded by warlocks, serves as a fitting tribute to the class’s origins and its dalliances with forbidden powers.

Warlock Set Bonuses (ATDH)


  • (2) Bonus: Soul Rot‘s damage boosts by 15%, and its duration extends by 4 sec.
  • (4) Bonus: Soul Rot offers 3 Umbrafire Kindling. This either enhances Malefic Rapture‘s damage by 50% or Seed of Corruption by 60%. Moreover, it lengthens your damage over time effects and Haunt by 2 sec.



  • (2) Bonus: Dimensional Rifts’ bolts deal 25% splash damage. Immolate’s periodic damage can yield a Dimensional Rift charge.
  • (4) Bonus: Dimensional Rift might summon a potent Flame Rift, shooting 20 Searing Bolts. These deal specified Fire damage plus additional burn damage over 10 sec.

Warrior Set Apperances – Amirdrassil Raid

The Warrior set skin from the Amirdrassil raid Molten Vanguard’s Mortarplate embodies the raw power and tenacity that one associates with this class. The helmet’s aggressive design, paired with the hauntingly glowing eyes, instantly captures attention, presenting a fearsome visage of a seasoned warrior ready for battle. The colossal, sharp shoulders and the smattering of small thorns across the gear add layers of ruggedness, while the robust gloves speak of hands that have bested countless foes. The echoes of the iconic Warrior Tier-4 raid set in this ensemble offer a nostalgic trip, melding the past’s glory with the present’s ferocity. Yet, the color variations between the Mythic, Heroic, and Normal sets leave a bit to be desired, with the predominance of red making them appear too similar. That said, the Mythic version, with its richer hue, does manage to stand out slightly, making it the most striking choice among the reds.

Amirdrassil Warrior Set Bonuses


  • (2) Bonus: Boosts Rend‘s damage by 30%. Rend’s bleed can activate Sudden Death.
  • (4) Bonus: Sudden Death enhances Execute, which now unleashes a powerful Thunder Clap (double damage). The targeted enemy also bleeds for 50% of Execute‘s damage over 5 seconds; reapplication adds leftover damage.


  • (2) Bonus: Odyn’s Fury‘s damage goes up by 50%. The following 3 Bloodthirsts deal 150% more damage with a doubled crit chance on the main target.
  • (4) Bonus: Bloodthirst crits cut down Odyn’s Fury’s cooldown by 2.5 seconds.


  • (2) Bonus: Using Rage might make your Shield Slam absorb target’s bleeds, dealing immediate damage based on remaining Deep Wounds, Rend, and Thunderous Roar. This reduces incoming damage by 10% for 5 seconds.
  • (4) Bonus: Consuming each bleed lessens damage taken by 2% more. Shield Slam‘s bleed consumption refreshes Thunder Clap’s cooldown and trims Thunderous Roar‘s cooldown by 3 seconds.

How to add extra effects to your Amirdrassil Tier Set?

If you want to make your Amirdrassil set look even brighter, you should earn the Emerald Blossom Dreamstone item. There are several ways to obtain it:

This must-have item enhances your tier set with additional helm and shoulder effects. While writing this guide, we consulted the Wowhead, complementing it with ideas of PRO gamers who work with our site.

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