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A nostalgic undertone resonates through the Guardian community as Bungie drops a bombshell: Destiny 2 Legendary Shards will be removed in the upcoming Final Shape. As the sun sets on this coveted currency, let’s delve into what this means for experienced players and newbies and how you can make the most of your accumulated shards before they fade into obscurity.

Bungie’s announcement about phasing out Legendary Shards from Destiny 2 was met with a mix of surprise and apprehension. Scheduled for removal once “The Final Shape” launches, the motivation behind this move is clear. With a sizable disparity between veterans hoarding mountainous piles of shards and newcomers often finding themselves in short supply, this removal aims to level the playing field.

The lingering question is: What can you do with your stack of Legendary shards? Especially if you’re sitting on a trove, as many are, there’s an urgency to spend, given the time-sensitive nature of this currency’s remaining days.
Strategic Shard Spending


While there’s a palpable time constraint, options for splurging your shards are, admittedly, somewhat limited due to various timegates. Yet, strategic spending is the key. Here are some routes to consider:

  • Rahool’s Resource Exchange: A mainstay for Guardians, Rahool offers multiple resources in exchange for shards. But bear in mind the restrictions:
    • Enhancement Cores: 30 shards apiece with a daily limit of 5.
    • Enhancement Prisms: Priced at 400 shards, you can secure only 3 per week.
    • Ascendant Alloy: Another weekly limited buy at 400 shards apiece.
    • Glimmer: At 10 shards for a 10K exchange, the only limit is your glimmer cap.
  • Xur’s Exotic Stash: The enigmatic vendor offers a selection of exotic items, all priced in shards. However, Xur’s inventory comes with its own set of constraints.
  • Raid Banners at Hawthorne: Fetching 30 shards for 10 banners, there’s no imposed cap. But a word of caution – given that Legendary Shards are on their way out, and Raid Banners require them, it wouldn’t be a stretch to predict a change in the banner system.
  • Phantasmal Fragments on the Moon: While an indirect route, trading 100 shards for 10 Phantasmal Fragments, which can then be exchanged for 10K glimmer at Rahool, could be a strategic move. Especially since these fragments can be stockpiled, allowing you to bypass the 250K glimmer cap.

Making the Most of Your Stash

Master Rahool

Focusing on Rahool’s masterwork materials is a commendable approach for those pondering over the best utilization strategy. A significant stockpile, coupled with the time leading up to “The Final Shape,” can enable players to burn through their collections efficiently.

With Legendary Shards signing off, the Destiny 2 in-game economy is undoubtedly heading for a significant shift. While it’s the end of an era for this revered currency, it’s also a new beginning. As Bungie continues to evolve and refine the game’s dynamics, one can only hope that the changes usher in a more balanced and enriched gaming experience for all Guardians.

How to get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2?

Gear Upgrade

  1. Dismantling Gear: Arguably the most straightforward method. You receive these shards when you dismantle legendary (purple) or exotic (yellow) gear. While exotic gear gifts you more shards, legendary ones provide a modest amount.
  2. Weekly Milestones: You’re bestowed with luminous engrams by completing specific milestones that refresh weekly. Once you decrypt these, any unneeded gear can be dismantled for shards.
  3. Vendors and Activities: Occasionally, some vendors or in-game activities might have them up for grabs. It’s not the most consistent source, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

While all these methods are efficient, the fastest way combines active gameplay and strategic dismantling. Collect as much legendary and exotic gear as possible as you progress through the game. Dismantling unnecessary or redundant pieces will consistently augment your D2 Legendary shard count.

Strategies for Legendary Shards Farming

Legendary Shards

Farming requires a blend of tactics and diligence. Here’s a concise plan:

  • Nightfall Strikes: Repeatedly playing this can yield a decent amount of exotics and legendaries. Post-activity, dismantle what’s not needed.
  • Raids: While time-consuming, the rewards, especially from raid chests, are lucrative. Again, the mantra is to dismantle the surplus.
  • Public Events: Participate in Heroic Public Events. Their completion might drop exotic or legendary engrams. It’s a game of probability, but with persistent effort, the scales tip in your favor.

In conclusion, Legendary Shards were more than just in-game currency. They symbolized a player’s perseverance, strategy, and skill. With this article, may your stockpile always be hefty and your Destiny 2 experience richer. In the interim, strategic spending and making the most of your shard stash is the order of the day. It’s not just about spending; it’s about spending wisely. Guardians, the clock is ticking!

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