Destiny 2 Seasons: All Dates, Key Features, and Power Cap

Destiny 2 Seasons

Destiny 2, developed by Bungie, has been a mainstay in the gaming industry since its release. With its impeccable graphics, intricate storylines, and in-depth gameplay, it’s no wonder that players from around the world have invested countless hours diving into its content. The game’s success is primarily attributed to its evolving narrative, built upon through various seasons. Let’s delve into their chronological order, highlighting their release and end dates and key features.

Destiny 2 made its grand debut on September 6, 2017. Since then, it has continuously evolved, expanding its lore and gameplay mechanics through numerous seasons.

Season 1: Red War

Red War

Release: September 6, 2017

End: December 5, 2017

Key Features: This opening act set a dramatic scene. The Last City, humanity’s final stronghold, was under siege by the intimidating Red Legion led by Dominus Ghaul. Players rallied to reclaim their home, fighting back against the invader’s superior numbers.

Power Cap: 300 (305 with mods)

High-end Content: The Leviathan raid was the pinnacle activity here. Set on the massive ship orbiting Nessus, Guardians faced challenging mechanics, and mind-bending encounters and received lavish rewards upon victory.

Season 2: Curse of Osiris

Curse of Osiris

Release: December 5, 2017

End: May 8, 2018

Key Features: A vexing problem arose: the time-twisting Vex were causing havoc on Mercury. The eponymous Osiris, a renegade Warlock, emerged from the shadows of lore, and Destiny 2 players explored the Infinite Forest, a simulation engine the Vex used to plot multiple realities.

Power Cap: 330 (335 with mods)

High-end Content: The Eater of Worlds raid lair expanded upon the Leviathan Destiny 2 narrative. It was shorter than a full-fledged raid but was dense with new mechanics and challenges. Moreover, the Forge provided Guardians with the tools to craft unique Vex-themed weapons.

Season 3: Warmind


Release: May 8, 2018

End: September 4, 2018

Key Features: The icy grips of Mars beckoned as ancient horrors stirred beneath its surface. Ana Bray, a long-lost Guardian, sought assistance in uncovering her past and the secrets of the Warmind Rasputin. The escalation protocol public event was a standout, with escalating waves of enemies culminating in intense boss fights.

Power Cap: 380 (385 with mods)

High-end Content: The Spire of Stars raid lair further unwound the Leviathan’s mysteries. Guardians faced off against Val Ca’uor in a test of wits and wills. Additionally, unique weapons like the Sleeper Simulant and Whisper of the Worm had intricate quests, offering players both challenge and substantial firepower.

Season 4: Season of the Outlaw

Season of the Outlaw

Release: September 4, 2018

End: December 4, 2018

Key Features: As a heart-wrenching swan song to Cayde-6, this Destiny 2 season introduced two breathtaking locations: the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City. Guardians unraveled the story of the scorned Barons and the ethereal Awoken.

Power Cap: 600

High-end Content: Among the twisting alleys and mysterious portals, the Last Wish raid stood tall. Riven, a Taken Ahamkara, awaited in the heart of the city, presenting one of the most intricate challenges to date.

Season 5: Season of the Forge

Season of the Forge

Release: December 4, 2018

End: March 5, 2019

Key Features: Delving into the archives of the Black Armory, Guardians ignited ancient forges. The tale of Ada-1, a mysterious exo, became central, pushing players to rediscover Golden Age tech.

Power Cap: 650

High-end Content: A distinct departure from the sprawling Destiny 2 Dreaming City, the Scourge of the Past raid took Guardians to the Last City’s underbelly. Here, battling the Insurrection Prime Servitor was the climax, paired with a sweeping vista of the city itself.

Season 6: Season of the Drifter

Season of the Drifter

Release: March 5, 2019

End: June 4, 2019

Key Features: A character shrouded in ambiguity, the Drifter, took center stage. With him came Gambit Prime and The Reckoning, further blending PvE and PvP elements.

Power Cap: 700

High-end Content: While there wasn’t a traditional raid, the focus was squarely on the synergy between Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. This interplay led to coveted D2 rewards, underlined by lore surrounding the mysterious Nine.

Season 7: Season of the Opulence

Season of Opulence

Release: June 4, 2019

End: October 1, 2019

Key Features: Embracing the opulent lifestyle of Calus, Guardians took part in the Menagerie, a unique PvE activity set aboard the Leviathan. Challenges and puzzles were the name of the game.

Power Cap: 750

High-end Content: The Crown of Sorrow raid expanded upon the Leviathan’s tale. Within its golden halls, Guardians faced Gahlran and the twisted experiments of Calus.

Season 8: Season of the Undying

Season of the Undying

Release: October 1, 2019

End: December 10, 2019

Key Features: The Moon returned, echoing with phantasms of our past defeats. Concurrently, Vex invaded the system, with their machinations threatening the very fabric of time.

Power Cap: 950 (soft cap at 900)

High-end Content: The Garden of Salvation Destiny 2 raid was a verdant maze nestled in the Black Garden. Here, the Consecrated Mind and the Sanctified Mind presented puzzles requiring coordination and finesse.

Season 9: Season of Dawn

Season of Dawn

Release: December 10, 2019

End: March 9, 2020

Key Features: The past reverberated as Guardians brought back the legendary hero, Saint-14, from the corridors of time. Mercury, the fulcrum of this narrative, saw the Sundial activity where players battled against time-lost Cabal.

Power Cap: 970 (soft cap at 960)

High-end Content: While there was no raid, the Sundial posed its unique challenges, culminating in a battle against the Cabal psion, Inotam. A sequence of quests surrounding the infamous Perfect Paradox shotgun also kept Guardians engaged.

Season 10: Season of the Worthy

Season of the Worthy

Release: March 10, 2020

End: June 9, 2020

Key Features: A scarred and battered Warmind satellite plummeted towards Earth. Guardians rallied to Rasputin’s aid, participating in the Seraph Tower public events and bunkers to stave off the impending calamity.

Power Cap: 1,010

High-end Content: Trials of Osiris, a highly competitive PvP mode, made a riveting return. Here, the ultimate aim? Achieving the enviable “Flawless” title by conquering seven matches without a loss.

Season 11: Season of Arrivals

Season of Arrivals

Release: June 9, 2020

End: November 10, 2020

Key Features: As the pyramidal entities made their ominous approach, darkness engulfed various planetary bodies. Players delved into the Prophecy Destiny 2 dungeon, exploring the boundaries of light and dark.

Power Cap: 1,060 (soft cap at 1,050)

High-end Content: The Prophecy dungeon was the crown jewel. Its enigmatic terrains, juxtaposed with boss encounters like Kell Echo, provided a blend of strategy and combat.

Season 12: Season of the Hunt

Season of the Hunt

Release: November 10, 2020

End: February 9, 2021

Key Features: Xivu Arath, a deity of war, spread her influence, corrupting various beings. The Wrathborn Hunts commenced, as Guardians tracked and purged these malevolent entities.

Power Cap: 1,260 (soft cap at 1,200)

High-end Content: While deeply integrated with the Beyond Light Destiny 2 expansion, the season lacked a dedicated raid. Nonetheless, the Deep Stone Crypt raid, from the expansion, was a focal point, with encounters against foes like Atraks-1 and Taniks, the Abomination.

Season 13: Season of the Chosen

Season of the Chosen

Release: February 9, 2021

End: May 11, 2021

Key Features: With the Cabal’s Empress Caiatl seeking an alliance, tensions escalated into the Battlegrounds. These were frenzied skirmishes against Cabal forces sprinkled across the system.

Power Cap: 1,310 (soft cap at 1,250)

High-end Content: The Presage mission was a standout. Destiny 2 Players navigated a maze of corridors on a derelict Cabal ship, piecing together a narrative that culminated in obtaining the Exotic scout rifle, Dead Man’s Tale.

Season 14: Season of the Splicer

Season of the Splicer

Release: May 11, 2021

End: August 24, 2021

Key Features: The Vex plunged the Last City into perpetual night. In response, Destiny 2 Guardians collaborated with Mithrax, a Fallen Splicer, to decode the Vex simulation and restore daylight.

Power Cap: 1,310 to 1,320

High-end Content: The Vault of Glass raid, a cherished classic, made a triumphant return. Guardians traversed Vex-infested terrains to halt Atheon, Time’s Conflux.

Season 15: Season of the Lost

Season of the Lost

Release: August 24, 2021

End: February 22, 2022

Key Features: Mara Sov, the Awoken queen, re-emerged, and with her, the tale of the lost Techeuns. Destiny 2 Guardians navigated the Ascendant Plane, thwarting Xivu Arath’s schemes.
Power Cap: 1,320 to 1,330
High-end Content: The Shattered Realm was central — an ever-changing maze dotted with D2 challenges, mysteries, and treasures.

30th Anniversary Event

30th Anniversary Event

Release: December 7, 2021

Duration: Limited-Time Event

Key Features: A tribute to Bungie’s storied history. It was a nostalgic trip from the depths of the Loot Cave to wielding iconic weapons.

Power Cap: Unchanged from Season of the Lost

High-end Content: The Dares of Eternity, a PvE activity, was a highlight, blending past and present in a crucible of challenges.

Season 16: Season of the Risen

Season of the Risen

Release: February 22, 2022

End: May 24, 2022

Key Features: With Savathûn’s worm vanquished, Guardians grappled with the Witch Queen’s machinations and the introduction of the mysterious Lucent Brood.

Power Cap: 1560

High-end Content: Vow of the Disciple Raid. D2 VotD takes Guardians on a riveting journey through a submerged Pyramid deep within the swamps of Savathûn’s Throne World. As Destiny 2 players unravel the mysteries, they confront the ancient Disciple, navigating through intricately designed challenges that blend strategy with skill.

Season 17: Season of the Haunted

Season of the Haunted

Release: May 24, 2022

End: August 23, 2022

Key Features: This Destiny 2 season brought a chilling atmosphere, as whispers of phantoms and eerie occurrences permeated every corner.

Power Cap: 1570

High-end Content: Duality dungeon, new opulent chests in the Leviathan, new D2 quests, and weapons.

Season 18: Season of Plunder

Season of Plunder

Release: August 23, 2022

End: December 6, 2022

Key Features: A season characterized by treasure hunts and the rush of discovering long-forgotten loot.

Power Cap: 1580

High-end Content: King’s Fall raid. Within this Destiny 2 instance, Guardians face off against several challenges, battling the monstrous Hive Ogre named Golgoroth and confronting Oryx, the Taken King, in a final battle. Throughout the raid, players must efficiently manage relics, coordinate with team members to harness specific buffs, and employ precise timing and strategy to defeat each boss and progress to the next stage.

Season 19: Season of the Seraph

Season of the Seraph

Release: December 6, 2022

End: February 28, 2023

Key Features: Seraph key codes, Heist Battlegrounds, Public Events, new D2 SotW dungeon, Resonate Stems, and Rasputin’s Nodes.

Power Cap: 1590

High-end Content: Spire of the Watcher Destiny 2 dungeon. Players must ascend the Spire, then descend after silencing the Siren, facing various obstacles and enemies. The dungeon culminates in two boss fights: first against Akelous the Siren’s Currect, requiring specific strategies, and then against Persys, Primordial Ruin, which presents its unique challenges and mechanics.

Season 20: Season of Defiance

Season of Defiance

Release: February 28, 2023

End: May 22, 2023

Key Features: Defiant Battlegrounds, Defiant Keys, new Engrams and Awoken Favor, return of the War table.

Power Cap: 1810

High-end Content: Root of Nightmares raid. This challenging D2 Lightfall instance features multiple encounters, including facing waves of enemies and connecting Seeds in “Cataclysm” and “Scission,” intense boss fights against Zo’aurc, the Explicator of Planets, in “Macrocosm,” and the last confrontation with Nezarec, the Final God of Pain.

Season 21: Season of the Deep

Season of the Deep

Release: May 22, 2023

End: August 22, 2023

Key Features: Salvage and Deep Dives, new Fishing activity, GotD dungeon, new Strand Aspects, Salvage and Deep dive Keys, Exotic armor focusing

Power Cap: 1810

High-end Content: Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. Players can access this GotD by picking up the “Rise” quest from Hawthorne at the Tower and then launching it from the H.E.L.M. Within the instance, there are three main encounters: “Disrupt the Hive Ritual,” “Ecthar, the Shield of Savathûn,” and “Simmumah ur-Nokru.” Alongside these challenges, players can obtain a range of powerful weapons and a unique armor set to enhance their Guardian’s abilities and appearance.

Season 22: Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

Release: August 22, 2023

End: November 28, 2023

Key Features: Svathurn’s Spire activity, new campaign, timeline reflections (short missions from Director), Elemental orbs and Deck of Fates, Alliance with Vanguard Mentors, new Seasonal challenges.

Power Cap: 1810

High-end Content: The Crota’s End raid: reintroduced in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion, it immerses players into the depths of the Moon’s Hellmouth. The instance consists of a series of challenges and bosses, including navigating “The Abyss,” constructing a bridge while fending off Hive enemies in “The Bridge” encounter, sprinting through a Thrall-infested tunnel in “Thrallway,” facing “Ir Yut, the Deathsinger” to interrupt her lethal song, and finally facing the formidable “Crota, Son of Oryx” in a climax that requires precise coordination and timing. Completing these D2 encounters rewards Guardians with unique gear, weapons, and a deeper understanding of the game’s lore.

Season 23: Season of the Wish

Season of the Wish

Release: November 28, 2023

End: June 4, 2024

Key Features: Riven’s Lair activity, A Dream of Dragons campaign, Starcrossed mission, Fireteam Finder, new Seasonal challenges.

Power Cap: 1810

High-end Content: Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. This dungeon involves an alliance with the last surviving Ahamkara and plays a crucial role in humanity’s survival. Divided into three key encounters—namely “Rathil,” “Locus of Wailing Grief,” and “Hefn’s Vengeance”—participants can earn potent weapons and a distinctive armor set to elevate their Guardian’s capabilities and appearance within this instance.

How to get past seasons in Destiny 2?

In D2, past seasons’ content doesn’t entirely disappear, but how you access and engage with it can change. If you’re referring to obtaining rewards and gear from past seasons or participating in specific activities that were introduced in those seasons, here’s a general guideline:

  • Seasonal Activities: Some seasonal activities, like specific public events or particular locations, may no longer be available once the season ends. Bungie often vaults certain content to make room for new content, maintain game balance, or improve overall game health. However, they’ve also mentioned the possibility of bringing some content back in the future.
  • Seasonal Pass: If you bought a seasonal pass for a specific season but didn’t claim all the rewards while the season was active, Bungie introduced a system where players could claim unclaimed rewards from past seasons. You can do this through the official Bungie website under your profile’s “Seasons” section.
  • Exotic Quests: Exotics tied to a seasonal activity (like a particular mission or quest) might become unavailable once the season ends. However, Bungie often reintroduces these exotics later, making them accessible via other means, such as purchasing from the Monument to Lost Light in the Tower or through new quests.
  • Legacy Content: Over time, Bungie has vaulted some content, including entire destinations and related quests. The developer has suggested that vaulted content may return in a revised form in the future.
  • Eververse Store: Some seasonal cosmetics might return to the Eververse Store, Destiny 2’s in-game microtransaction store, in later seasons. This isn’t guaranteed for every item, but it has been the case for some.
  • Purchasing Past Seasons: Directly purchasing past seasons is not possible once they’re over. You’ll need to wait for the content or rewards to be made available through other means in the game.
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