WoW Dragonflight Super Rares Guide

Dragonflight Super Rares

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, the latest game expansion, players are introduced to the Dragon Isles, a newly unveiled area brimming with fresh zones. This new xpac by Blizzard presents an abundance of quests, various items, and collectibles to discover.

A primary focus for many players is getting top-tier gear for their characters. A good starting point in this expansion will be to hunt super rare Dragonflight mobs found across the 4 newly accessible zones.

While challenging to defeat, these enemies reward players with drops ranging in level from 350 to 392. It’s a decent source of pre-raid gear that will allow you to explore new content way more conveniently. Finding and hunting these rare mobs across the Dragon Isles is crucial if you want to enhance your gear quickly. Here’s a quick guide to super rares in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

WoW Dragonflight Super Rares Locations

WoW Dragonflight Super Rares Guide

In the current stage of the game, players have identified 12 super rare mobs that drop high-level gear. Although this might be the extent of what’s been found, Blizzard will likely continue adding more as the expansion evolves. Below is a list of all known super rare mobs.

In The Waking Shores, you can find:

In the Waking Shores

In The Azure Span, keep an eye out for:

In the Azure Span

And in Thaldraszus, you’ll find:

In the Thaldraszus

Each of these formidable creatures offers a chance to acquire highly effective and potent gear. Before venturing into the more demanding mythic dungeons and raids, it’s advisable for players to dedicate time to defeating these mobs, potentially securing improved equipment to enhance their gameplay experience.

Dragonflight Super Rares Loot Table

Dragonflight Super Rares Loot Table

Super Rares offer a valuable opportunity for players to acquire high-level loot. The item level (iLvl) of drops from these rare creatures can reach up to 385. This surpasses the loot from the initial bosses of the Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder and is just below the level of drops from the normal Vault of the Incarnates. Here’s an organized and summary of the loot drops from each Super Rare discovered in Dragonflight so far, which will be beneficial for players seeking specific upgrades.

Super Rare Mob Loot Drops
Rohzor Forgesmash Plate Helm, 1H Strength Mace
Turboris Leather Boots, Plate Legs, 2H Intelligence Staff, Primal Ritual Shell
Battlehorn Pyrhus 1H Intelligence Mace, Plate Legs, Mail Helm, Leather Shoulders, Cloth Boots, Gun, Crit/Haste Ring, 1H Agility Fist Weapon, Leather Chest, Blazing Essence, Primal Ritual Shell, Seasoned Hunter’s Trophy, Lucky Hunting Charm
Cauldronbearer Blakor Plate Helm, 1H Strength Mace
Char Plate Shoulders, Cape, 2H Intelligence Staff, Mail Shoulders, Plate Leg
Captain Lancer 2H Strength Polearm, Plate Helm, 1H Strength Mace
Enkine the Voracious Volcanic Chakram (Agility 1H Fist), Regurgitated Stone Handaxe (Strength 1H Axe), Inextinguishable Gavel (Intelligence 1H Mace), Molten Flak Cannon (Agility Gun), Ring of Embers (Crit/Haste Ring), Primal Ritual Shell, Blazing Essence
Gnarls Shield, Plate Hands
Blisterhide Mail Helm, Leather Shoulders, Cloth Boots, Crit/Vers Neck, 1H Warglaive, 1H Dagger, Primal Ritual Shell
High Shaman Rotknuckle Leather Legs, Crossbow, 1H Agility Sword
Snarglebone Leather Legs, Crossbow
Ancient Protector 2H Agility Polearm, Dreamweaver Acolyte’s Staff, Plate Chest, 1H Agility Sword

Remember that not all Super Rares loot suits every class or specialization. Happy hunting!

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