World of Warcraft Rarest Mounts

Rarest Mounts

World of Warcraft is a super-popular MMO RPG that used to have over 12,000,000 player base in the good old days. One of the most desired rewards in this game is Mounts. For players, the reins of the most mysterious creatures aren’t just a convenient means of transport; it’s a status symbol representing hard work, skill, and sometimes luck. While the WoW is full of various mounts, some are so rare that they’ve become legends within the community. In this article, we’ll sidestep the well-known transport like Ashes of Al’ar and Invincible to focus on the ultra-rare collectibles owned by only a tiny percentage of players. We’ll tell you about scarce collectibles owned by a tiny percentage of gamers. We’ll explore the subject of WoW mount rarity, get you acquainted with Top-10, and find out what is the rarest mount in World of Warcraft.

Ivory Raptor – Top 10:
0.0059% Rarity Troll legacy mount


Ivory Raptor

The Ivory Raptor is a vintage gem dating back to vanilla WoW, initially available only to Troll and Orc players of the Horde. Reaching level 40 and amassing a significant amount of gold were the challenges to overcome. However, the game’s evolution led to its retirement in patch 1.4, transforming it into an unobtainable legend. Today, the Ivory Raptor is a symbol of veteran status. Its bone-white aesthetic serves as a badge of WoW’s storied history, separating old-timers from newbies.

Red Wolf – Top 9:
0,0058% Rarity Orc legacy mount

Red Wolf

Like its Ivory Raptor cousin, the Red Wolf was initially a prize for Orcs, Tauren, and Trolls of the Horde. This crimson steed became a discontinued rarity in patch 1.4. Those who own the Red Wolf treasure it not just as a travel companion but as a nostalgic keepsake. Its simple beauty offers a sentimental journey back to the roots of this iconic MMORPG.

Ancient Frostsaber – Top 8:
0,0057% Rarity Night Elf Legacy mount


Ancient Frostsaber

The Ancient Frostsaber is a 0.0057% rarity and was an Alliance exclusive available only to Night Elves. With its majestic posture and elegant white fur, the beautiful mount brings a mystical charm to the lands it traverses. This enchanting mount was also retired after patch 1.4, making it an elusive emblem of the Alliance’s regal and elusive nature. The Ancient Frostsaber represents not just a mode of transport but a slice of WoW history, offering proof of the player’s longevity and dedication to the Alliance’s cause.

Teal Kodo – Top 7:
0,0046% Rarity Tauren Legacy mount


Teal Kodo

With a rarity factor of 0.0046%, the Teal Kodo is an extraordinary Tauren mount. Its bulky body and rustic teal hue symbolize the down-to-earth, communal nature of the Tauren race. Kodos has been crucial to Tauren culture, used for everything from war to transport, making this particular item a celebration of that heritage. Like many on this list, the Teal Kodo was also retired in patch 1.4, making it an exceedingly rare collector’s item today. Riding this WoW rarest mount signifies a player’s deep connection to both the game’s history and Tauren’s rich lore.

Green Kodo – Top 6:
0.0036% Rarity Tauren Mount


Green Kodo

The Green Kodo comes in with a rarity factor of 0.0036%. With its earthen hues and gigantic frame, this mount is a tribute to the Tauren’s deep bond with the earth. It is an almost mythical beast representing the core of the Horde’s earth-centric philosophy. Like many others, its existence ceased to be after patch 1.4, making it a near-legendary presence in the game. To ride a Green Kodo today in Dragonflight is to be a living legend in your guild (if there are enough guys to understand the rarity of a WoW mount you’re riding).

White Mechanostrider Mod B – Top 5:
0.0035% Rarity Gnome Mount


White Mechanostrider Mod B

With a rarity of 0.0035%, this mechanical bird contraption is exclusive to the Gnomes and Dwarves of the Alliance. Designed with a sleek white finish and subtle blue accents, the White Mechanostrider Mod B is a testament to its creators’ engineering prowess. The mechanical gears, steam vents, and chrome body make it an unforgettable sight and offer a deep dive into the technological wonders that WoW has always presented.

Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A – Top 4:
0.0034% Rarity Gnome Mount


Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A

The Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A features a rarity of 0.0034% and was initially available only to the Gnomes and Dwarves. This mount featured a cold, icy blue hue, resonating with the frosty climates these races often inhabit. Like its white predecessor and other retired collectibles such as the Green Kodo and the Ivory Raptor, the Icy Blue Mechanostrider became a rare commodity after the changes introduced in patch 1.4.

Its wintry aesthetic makes it a favorite during WoW’s winter-themed events, but the true allure of this mechanical bird lies in its exclusivity and historical significance. With its unique color palette and steely design, it stands as a monument to the Alliance’s technological advancements. In a world filled with organic, mystical, and sometimes outright magical means of travel, the Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A offers a different kind of enchantment—one rooted in gears, engineering, and the rich lore of Azeroth’s industrious races. Owning this rare mount is like being part of an exclusive club of players who appreciate the game’s history and its mechanical wonders.

Frost Ram – Top 3:
0.0033% Rarity Dworf Legacy Mount


Frost Ram

With an impressive rarity rate of 0.0033%, the Frost Ram is an iconic Dwarf-exclusive mount. It has a sturdy appearance, fitted with frosty fur and a strong pair of twisted horns. Its solid build is a reflection of the indomitable dwarven spirit. The Frost Ram is a mount that serves as a mode of transport and a symbol of the resilience and grit that are the hallmarks of dwarven culture. And, of course, it’s a perfect reason that makes your battle-net account super-valuable.

Mottled Red Raptor – Top 2:
0.0032% Rarity Troll Legacy Mount


Mottled Red Raptor

At a rarity of 0.0032%, the Mottled Red Raptor was once a prized possession of Trolls and Orcs. Its fiery red and orange scales evoke the Horde’s ferocious fighting spirit. The mount’s elaborate feather adornments and fierce claws make it a stunning spectacle. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Mottled Red Raptor stands as a vivid chapter in WoW’s extensive lore, embodying the essence of the Horde’s untamed soul.

The Rarest Mount in WoW:
Black Ram – 0.0031% Rarity


Black Ram

With an almost unimaginable rarity level of 0.0031%, the Black Ram is the epitome of rare mounts in World of Warcraft. Available only to Dwarves, its ebony fur and regal horns make it a dignified, majestic creature. This collectible isn’t merely rare; it is a virtual legend, signifying the indomitable spirit of the Dwarf faction. Its profound scarcity and stunning design make it more than a collector’s item; it’s a priceless artifact that marks a significant chapter in WoW’s illustrious history.


Spotting one of these ultra-rare mounts is like discovering a super-secret part of the game. Even though they’re not as attractive as newly-released collectibles, like Reins of Anu’relos, Flame’s Guidance, they show how WoW can attract players in more ways than just farming PvE raids and dungeons or completing quests. These mounts are not just pixels on a screen but legends, each telling a unique long story of World of Warcraft.

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