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Navigating the open-world and instance locations of World of Warcraft is a part of gameplay in which every player is involved for a considerable amount of time daily. That’s why nothing is surprising that we all want to travel with style and glory, and that’s where the allure of mounts and various NPC vendors you can buy them from comes into play. These loyal steeds, mechanical wonders, and mythical creatures enable players to cross the vast terrains of Azeroth and beyond at accelerated speeds. But where does one acquire such majestic and utilitarian companions? The answer lies with the various mount vendors sprinkled throughout the game’s intricate map. Offering everything from basic equine options to fantastical dragons, these vendors provide an array of choices to suit any adventurer’s taste and allegiance, whether you swear by the Horde or stand with the Alliance.

What sets WoW Vendor Mounts apart is the diversity they bring to the gameplay experience. Costs can range from a modest sum of gold for terrestrial options to a hefty purse for airborne or extraordinary items. And it’s not just about the currency; several vendors require you to earn a particular reputation with in-game factions before unlocking access to their exclusive inventory. Seasonal vendors who make appearances only during special in-game events add another layer of delightful complexity, keeping the pursuit of the ultimate mount an evergreen endeavor.

However, acquiring a mount is not just about the functional benefits of enhanced mobility. It’s also an opportunity for players to showcase their commitment, skill, and unique flair. Specially designed mounts, or those obtainable only by currying favor with elusive factions, serve as coveted trophies among the WoW community. Whether you’re an occasional gamer looking to get from point A to point B more efficiently or a hardcore player aiming to amass a legendary collection, WoW’s mount vendors have something to suit your needs and deepen your immersion in this multi-faceted digital universe.

Saccratos: WoW Dragonflight Mounts Vendor #1


Introduced in the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Saccratros is a mount vendor that’s piqued the interest of many adventurers. Situated in the mystical Zaralek Cavern’s Loamm, Saccratros is no ordinary merchant; he’s a niffen, a creature that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the whole experience. What sets this vendor apart is the unique form of currency he accepts: Coveted Baubles. To acquire these, players engage in a special trade with Unearthed Fragrant Coins through another character, Spinsoa.

Saccratros Map Pin

Saccratros offers a select yet captivating range of mounts. For 50 Coveted Baubles, you can acquire the dazzling Diamondshell. If you’ve saved up 100 Baubles, the Subterranean Magmammoth is yours to command. However, if you’re after the ultimate prize, prepare to part with 400 Baubles for the striking Igneous Shalewing. Each of these mounts not only provides a faster way to traverse the landscape but also stands as a testament to your unique tastes and achievements in the game.

Although his name changed from its original version in the Public Test Realm, Saccratros has quickly established himself as a must-visit vendor. His offerings are perfect for both veterans looking to add to their unique collection and newcomers eager to make their mark in the expansive universe of World of Warcraft.

Tattukiaka: One More Source of Dragonflight Vendor Mounts


Deep in the captivating landscape of Iskaara’s Azure Span, you’ll find Tattukiaka, a tuskarr ottuk trader. This sunglasses-wearing vendor, introduced in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion, is your go-to person for obtaining ottuk mounts. Unlike conventional vendors, Tattukiaka trades these exquisite transport for unique shiny items, particularly dungeon and raid-acquired rings and necklaces.

This WoW mount vendor offers a pair of distinct Ottuks to adventurous players. First, there’s the Ivory Ottuk, a creature you can call your own by exchanging three rings from Dragonflight dungeons. Item levels are of no concern here. Then, there’s the rarer Iskaara Ottuk. You’ll need two necklaces from the Vault of the Incarnates raid to acquire this majestic mount. Again, the item level is not a factor.

WoW Mounts you can buy from Tattukiaka Vendor:

Tattukiaka Map Pin

Finding Tattukiaka is straightforward. Located southeast of Iskaara’s flight path, she is well-placed to catch the eye of passersby, making it convenient for players to trade their hard-earned items for these unique mounts. Whether you’re new to the world of Azeroth or a seasoned champion, engaging with Tattukiaka offers a refreshing and fulfilling layer to your gameplay experience.

By offering these unique ottuk mounts in exchange for shiny gear, Tattukiaka has carved a niche for herself in World of Warcraft, presenting players with a novel and exciting way to get around the lands of Azeroth.

Dealer Vexil: New WoW Mount Vendor in Patch 10.0.2

Dealer Vexil

Nestled in the mysterious location of Smoldering Perch in Waking Shores, Dealer Vexil has emerged as a fascinating character in the World of Warcraft universe, thanks to Patch 10.0.2. This black dragonspawn is not your average vendor; he offers an intriguing set of wares that are only accessible after specific quest completions or with a special Worldbreaker Membership.

The item that truly steals the spotlight is the Slumbering Worldsnail Shell mount. Gamers can’t get enough of this exclusive ride and for a good reason. But it’s not an easy grab; the journey to acquire it is as fascinating as the mount itself. To even begin this adventure, players must first complete the quest known as “The Shadow of His Wings.”

Completion of this quest grants access to a new in-game currency known as Magmotes. These can be collected by facing off against elite-level enemies. Beware, though; these challenges are not for the faint-hearted. A group is strongly recommended to tackle these high-level challenges.

Dealer Vexil Map Pin

Accumulate 1,000 Magmotes, and the Slumbering Worldsnail Shell can be yours. It’s a demanding but fulfilling journey that proves Dealer Vexil is more than just a vendor; he’s a pathway to one of the most exciting escapades in the game. For anyone looking to add a layer of depth to their WoW experience, Dealer Vexil is a must-visit.

Gottum: Unique WoW Vendor from Nazmir


Deep in the heart of Nazmir’s enigmatic Frogmarsh lies Gottum, a merchant unlike any other in the expansive World of Warcraft. This unique NPC is famous for offering an incredibly unique mount: the coveted Yellow Marsh Hopper.

With a whopping price tag of 333,333 gold, the Yellow Marsh Hopper is not a mount for the faint-hearted or frugal. Available only to players who have achieved at least level 10 and unlocked the Apprentice Riding skill, this ground-based creature’s pace fluctuates in alignment with your riding abilities. Launched in Patch 8.1, the Yellow Marsh Hopper is one of the unique gems from the Battle for Azeroth series.

Gottum Map Pin

Securing this exceptional amphibian ride is more than just a lavish expenditure; it’s a tribute to your dedication to the intricate art of in-game mount collecting. If your virtual journey leads you to the mists of Nazmir, be sure to make a pit stop at Gottum’s hidden lair and acquire this unparalleled in-game treasure.

Mounts you can buy from Gottum (and prices):

Mei Francis: WoW Mounts Vendor from Dalaran

Mei Francis

Mei Francis is a one-stop shop for adventurers seeking unique and rare mounts. Located in the magical city of Dalaran, this exceptional vendor has become an essential destination for players belonging to both the Horde and the Alliance. Her range of offerings is diverse and captivating, featuring a variety of specialized mounts like the battle-tested Armored Brown Bear and several opulent Mammoth types, each designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Mei Francis Map Pin

Among her most noteworthy items is the Three-Person Tundra Mammoth. This luxurious mount accommodates three players and includes convenient vendor and repair options. Priced at a steep 20,000 gold, players in good standing with the Kirin Tor faction can purchase it at a discounted rate of 16,000 gold. What makes Mei Francis special is her ability to serve both Horde and Alliance by offering specific mounts, such as Gryphons (A) and Wind Runners (H).

Mei Francis is more than just a vendor; she brings a level of richness to the World of Warcraft community.

Mounts you can buy from Mei Francis and Prices:

Paulie: Iconic WoW Mounts Merchant


Paulie distinguishes himself as a singular mount dealer within the vast universe of Azeroth. Recognized for his unique and luxurious lineup of mechanical steeds, Paulie is the ultimate destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind travel companions in World of Warcraft.

One of the mechanical marvels that have made Paulie famous is the Alliance-themed motorbike, which has a steep price tag of 100k gold. This extravagant ride has sparked countless conversations about its value, visual charm, and limited availability. Another rare mount, the Champion’s Offroader, adds to the allure, which further solidifies Paulie’s reputation as a purveyor of premium, high-ticket items. Members of the Horde and Alliance communities frequently discuss the economics surrounding Paulie’s exclusive mounts. The ongoing debate revolves around how in-game currency inflation affects the attainability of such luxurious items. Opinions vary, but what’s clear is that these steeds are not just modes of travel; they’re status indicators that reveal a player’s in-game affluence and dedication.

Paulie Map Pin

Paulie’s extraordinary selection places him in a league of his own among Azeroth’s mount vendors. For players on a quest for more than just a ride, a visit to Paulie is like stepping into a showroom of digital opulence, where each collectible symbolizes both financial prowess and devotion to the gaming experience.
Mounts you can buy from Paulie and Prices:

Mad Merchant: Rare Spawn WoW Mounts Vendor

The Mad Merchant

You can find the Mad Merchant in The Wonderworks Toy Shop in Dalaran, a gnome with exclusive merchandise, and he’s no ordinary in-game seller. His spawn time is around 4 hours, and he disappears in 15 minutes after someone buys an item from him.

The Mad Merchant Map Pin

Among the highly sought-after items he offers is the Bloodfang Widow, an unnerving spider mount not for the faint of heart—or wallet. With a jaw-dropping cost of two million in-game gold, this mount is a testament to in-game extravagance.
But it’s not just the mounts that make this vendor noteworthy. He also sells a dazzling array of other treasures, like the sparkling Prismatic Bauble, the hefty Madman’s Luggage, and the adorable yet expensive Celestial Calf pet.

What makes this WoW mounts vendor even more intriguing is his rarity. Appearing sporadically for short intervals, his shop is like a pop-up event that’s here one minute and gone the next. Players often exchange tips and sightings on gaming forums, trying to decode the vendor’s unpredictable patterns.

Whether you’re an avid collector or intrigued by the game’s luxurious offerings, The Mad Merchant is a character that embodies World of Warcraft’s unpredictable allure and lavishness. So keep your virtual pockets filled and your senses alert; you never know when he’ll pop up next.

Items you can buy from Mad Merchant and Prices:

Uncle Bigpocket:
Buy WoW Vendor Mounts in Kun-Lai Summit

Uncle Bigpocket

Located in the Kun-Lai Summit, Uncle Bigpocket is the quintessential vendor for WoW mount enthusiasts. He operates in the Grummle Bazaar, a fitting locale for a vendor known for exotic offerings.

Uncle Bigpocket Map Pin

What sets Uncle Bigpocket apart is his exclusive inventory of highly desirable collectibles. Among the most notable is the Grand Expedition Yak, a luxurious, multi-passenger transport that boasts a repair vendor and a transmogrifier. This mobile bazaar on hooves is a true marvel for adventurers on the go, but it comes at a steep price of 120,000 gold. However, for the dedicated player, it’s an investment that brings utility and prestige.

Another fascinating item in Uncle Bigpocket’s stable is the Grey Riding Yak, a more modest choice but still a representation of Pandaria’s unique culture and fauna.
Uncle Bigpocket embodies the adventurous spirit and diverse ecology of Pandaria. His mounts are not just a means of transportation but a celebration of the world’s intricate design. So, if you ever find yourself wandering the snowy peaks of Kun-Lai Summit, visiting this iconic vendor is a must for any World of Warcraft collector.

Mounts you can buy from Uncle Bigpocket and Prices:

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